Coffee Tips

Experience your favorite gourmet specialty coffee at a higher level, with these Grinding, Brewing and Storage Coffee Tips.


Different methods of brewing will require different grind consistencies.

… the water will take forever to make its way through. You will get an over-extracted, bitter tasting coffee.

… the water will rush through the grinds too quickly resulting in a brew, which will be under-extracted, watery and unsatisfying.
Grinds range from coarse to pulverized. Pulverized is actually as fine as flour and suitable only for Turkish coffee; course grinds are for the cafeteria or regular perc. The grind is a bit finer for the classic pot and drip methods, and finer still for espresso. Please refer to next page for proper grinder settings for the different brewing methods

(diagram of grinder settings above).

Grind fineness depends on time it takes for brewer to complete a full brew cycle. Drip should be ground to a consistency similar to granulated sugar—complete drip cycle should be completed within 4-6 minutes. If the drip cycle is less then 4 minutes then grind your coffee slightly finer (#5), if the drip cycle is more then 6 minutes then grind your coffee coarser (#4). For most home machines, the setting halfway between drip and auto drip works nicely. Please adjust grind accordingly.
Always use fresh, cold water for brewing (let tap run for several seconds before using)

Brewing Method Grinder Setting Diagram #
French Press / Bodum Drip 4
Percolator Reg. Perc 2
Electric Percolator Elec. Perc 3
Stove Top Moka Espresso Fine 6
Espresso Machine Espresso 7 or 8
Turkish Turkish 9
Filter Drip Drip / Auto-Drip 4 or 5


Serve your coffee immediately after brewing to capture coffee’s optimum flavour and aroma.
After brewing, do not let coffee sit on a warming plate or burner. Brewed coffee allowed to sit on a burner being continuously heated retains its peak flavour for only
20 minutes.
** Suggestion: Transfer coffee into a thermal carafe—or brew directly into one—to extend the useful life to 45—60 minutes.

When making brewed coffee the general rule of thumb is to use 2 level tbsp for each 6 oz of water. This quantity is simply a starting point and should be increased or decreased according to personal taste.
** For espresso, allow 7-8 grams for a single shot and 14-16 grams for a double shot.


Buy only as much coffee as you would use in one week—2 weeks at the most.
Store coffee (bean or ground) in an airtight container at room temperature.

Avoid storing coffee in refrigerator as it is not cold enough to do much good and is invariably full of strongly scented foods. Coffee takes on aromas of nearby foods or anything with a pronounced aroma, therefore if you use the refrigerator as a storage method ; ensure you use an airtight container.

For long-term storage (2+ weeks), store coffee in an airtight container in the freezer.
CAUTION: Avoid thawing and refreezing—the extreme change in temperature will cause condensation, moistening the coffee and thus hastening its loss of flavour. Coffee must be used straight from the freezer.