Our Quality

Quality and Service has been the focal point of our business since inception, and distinguishes Brazcanco from all other brands. Our efforts to ensure top quality products and service is unmatched in our industry. Our Quality Assurance department is one of the finest and most advanced in North America and is staffed with highly skilled professionals. Our technicians put all of our coffees through rigorous tests to ensure the quality is always high.

Oxygen analysis, grind analysis and our unique AGTRON colour analysis specifications are just a few of the tests that we perform.Our tasting experts cup every coffee blend and batch in our laboratory to ensure that our customers will be fully satisfied.By implementing a Quality Management System that complies with  HACCP we are able to make our company run more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction and communicate more effectively with our customers and suppliersOur production facility is also Kosher Certified which assures the consumer that our products meet the highest Kosher as well as the strictest cleaning standards Service in our industry is key to being successful, which is why we like to deal with our clients one-on-one.. Our unique approach has allowed us to build strong relationships with all of our customers.