Our Whole Bean Coffees are packaged using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Each bag is individually gas flushed using nitrogen to ensure that your coffee stays fresh. We carry a variety of blends to ensure that you get the taste profile that you are searching for.  Our Whole Bean packages include a one-way valve that allows carbon dioxide (CO2) to escape, while preventing oxygen from entering the bag.

100% Colombian Coffee

This famous coffee is grown in steep mountain areas.  Heavy rains, common to this region, would wash away the fertile soil if it was not for the strong roots of the pure-strain Bourbon coffee trees.  These beans are hand picked,  selected and prepared according to European standards (no silver skin). They can be characterized as mildly fruity, highly acidic, medium bodied with a toast like aroma.

10040120-0000100% COLOMBIAN BEANS (4x5 LB)

100% Colombian Decaffeinated

100% Colombian European prep coffees that have been decaffeinated through an all-natural European CO2 process. This process incorporates only carbon dioxide and water (to moisturize the coffee bean and thus making the caffeine accessible for removal). This method provides for a coffee that has a mildly fruity flavour, smooth cup with a medium body and a flowery aroma.


Special Beans

This blend of South and Central American Arabica beans exhibits a mild yet balanced cup with pleasant acidity and body. The cup has a complex array of subtle notes ranging from fruity to nutty.

10020120-0000SPECIAL BEANS (4X5 LB)

Breakfast Blend

This blend of darker roasted South American and lighter roasted Central American coffees is blended after roasting to preserve the unique character of each coffee. This coffee has a rich, full bodied cup with spicey, roasty undertones, complemented by fruity nutty overtones.


Cafe Royale Blend

A truly distinctive blend of some of the worlds finest beans. The addition of a high percentage of Kenya AA beans makes this semi-dark roast a very rare find. Cafe Royale has a full bodied taste with medium acidity and a sharp crisp finish that goes great with desserts. It can be described as a full city roast.

10490120-0000CAFE ROYALE BEANS (4X5 LB)

Colombian Supremo

This famous coffee is grown in steep mountain areas.  Heavy rains, common to this region, would wash away the fertile soil if it was not for the strong roots of the pure-strain Bourbon coffee trees.  These  large, bold beans are hand picked,  selected and prepared according to European standards (no silver skin). They can be characterized as mildly fruity, highly acidic, medium bodied with a toast like aroma.


Continental Blend

Made with 100% Colombian beans this specialty roast is considered a very dark roast and makes a heavy brew with pleasant spiciness complemented by a bitter-sweet character.

10230120-0000CONTINENTAL BEANS (4X5 LB)

Costa Rican EP

Near perfect soil and weather help make these coffees a favorite amoung discriminating coffee connoisseurs. The strictly ‘Hard Bean’ preparation process helps preserve freshness and protects against flavour-robbing contaminants. In the ‘Hard Bean’ (SHB) process, hand-picked fruits are sorted for rich red appearance, then opened by hand. The beans must be removed and washed without damaging the delicate parchment sheath that surrounds the seeds. This sheath is only removed immediatley prior to shipment. Costa Rican coffees are very mild, not bitter, with good acidity, good body and a strong flowery dark chocolate aroma.

10050120-0000COSTA RICAN EP BEANS (4X5 LB)

Espresso Blend

A truely delicious blend. Our Espresso is a unique blend of coffees made from the very best Central and South American as well as Indonesian coffee beans. Our espresso roast has a heavy complex character with just a hint of sweetness and a thick full crema top layer.

10070100-0000ESPRESSO BEANS (4X1 KG)
10070120-0000ESPRESSO BEANS (4X5 LB)

Espresso Decaffeinated

Here is an exciting Espresso blend roasted medium-dark to please the most demanding coffee connoisseurs. This roast is made with European preparation coffees that have been decaffeinated through an all natural Carbon Dioxide (CO2) process. It is a process that is 100% natural and certified organic. Our espresso decaf has a heavy, fully developed flavour with just a hint of sweetness and a thick full crema.

10220100-0000ESPRESSO DECAF BEANS (4X1 KG)

Europa Blend

This darker roast of select South and Central American Arabica coffees, exhibits a rich full body with a heady aroma and zesty flavour with just a hint of acidity.

10500120-0000EUROPA BLEND BEANS (4X5 LB)

French Roast Blend

This blend of choice African, Central and South American beans is medium dark roasted. This produces a strong full bodied coffee with overpowering taste and aroma. The darker roast brings out its spicey, nutty character.

10160120-0000FRENCH ROAST BEANS (4X5 LB)

Gourmet Blend

This blend of African, Central and South American coffees yields a strong full bodied cup without any harshness. The spicey, nutty undertones harken back to the origins of coffee.

10150120-0000GOURMET BLEND BEANS (4X5 LB)

Greek Blend

Designed to be brewed using the traditional Greek Briki this blend is heavy bodied and syrupy smooth without the harshness associated with most popular Greek Blends.

10080120-0000GREEK BLEND BEANS (4X5 LB)

Guatemalan SHB-EP

Grown in the southern range of the Sierra Madre Mountains where morning fog gives way to cool mountain breezes, providing just the right mixture of sunlight. Here’s the fully-developed, heavy-bodied flavour without a hint of bitterness that connoisseurs crave. It has a high acidity to punctuate a mellow nutty taste.

10140120-0000GUATEMALA SHB-EP BEANS (4X5 LB)

Kenya ‘AA’

Grown in western Kenya’s mild climate and high altitudes, Kenya AA coffee is grown slope-side under the shade of banana trees. The result is a larger then average bean that is hand picked, wet processed and highly polished to perfection for export. Kenya AA is a bold blanaced coffee without bitterness, having very high acidity, good full body, and a heady aroma.

10110120-0000KENYA AA BEANS (4X5 LB)

Kona Blend

Custom roasting yields a blend with exquisite flavour and aroma. This smooth, sweet full bodied flavour is reminiscent of the rich yet idyllic experience which is unique to the small farms of the Hawaiian Kona region.

10690120-0000100% KONA BEANS (4X5 LB) - *SPECIAL ORDER*

Mellow Blend

Full-bodied character in the cup, without the bitter harsh notes associated with most local/popular blends.  A fine cup of coffee for any occasion.

10030120-0000MELLOW BLEND BEANS (4X5 LB)

Mocha Java Blend

An exquisite blend of choice South, Central American and African beans, which creates a harmonious cup with rich body and acidity. The underlying chocolaty, nutty, fruity tones complement this fine blend.

10010120-0000MOCHA JAVA BEANS (4X5 LB)

Organic – 100% Colombian

Estate grown European Prep. 100% Colombian coffee of the finest quality. This coffee is produced in very limited quantities. Grown in full shade on trees of the traditional Typicavariety on the Santa Marta Mountain. This location is ideal for organic cultivation with abundant natural water resources, rich soils free of chemical pollution and ideal temperature. Supported by our Fair trade Program this coffee is harvested by the Native Tayrona and Kogee Indians using traditional techniques. This soft, fragrant coffee exhibits distinct chocolate or sweet cocoa notes complimented by a fruity undertone.

10750120-0000COLOMBIAN ORGANIC F/T (4X5 LB)

Organic – Continental Blend

This dark roast transforms this Colombian coffee into a rich heavy bodied cup These beans make a heavy brew with pleasant spiciness compemented by a bitter-sweet character.


Organic – Decaffeinated Blend

These superior beans are naturally decaffeinated using a Water Process Method without the use of any chemicals. This results in a mild bodied coffee with a lively aftertaste for those who prefer or require less caffeine.

10760120-0000DECAF ORGANIC F/T BEANS (4x5 LB)

Organic – Espresso Blend

A rich full bodied blend, unique for its versatility; use for regular brew or try it as an extra smooth yet rich espresso.

10740100-0000ESPRESSO ORGANIC F/T BEANS (4x1 KG)

Organic – Guatemalan

A superbly aromatic medium bodied coffee with mild winey undertones.


Organic – Sumatra

From the lush, fertile soils of Gayo Mountain, produced in limited quantities this shade grown organically processed  coffee is triple picked to ensure perfection. A truly amazing cup that showcases the best characteristics of Sumatran Coffees. It is deep, rich and complex with a smooth,  sweet  finish ; and a noticeable chocolaty background when cream is added.

10271120-0000SUMATRA ORGANIC F/T BEANS (4x5 LB)

Royal Blend

Our signature blend, truly a combination of the very best beans from South America, Central America and the African Continent. Roasted to a light roast, this blend offers a very full body with rich acidity and exceptional finish with overtones of fine wines. Excellent as both an early morning coffee or to finish off a fine dinner.

10250120-0000ROYAL BEANS (4x5 LB)

Turkish Blend

Harkening back to the origins of coffee brewing, this blend is designed for brewing in thebriki. This traditional method of brewing gives a syrupy smooth cup with rich body and aroasty, nutty flavour.

10090120-0000TURKISH BLEND BEANS (4x5 LB)

Viennese Blend

Composed of the finest 100% European Prep. Colombian beans, which are medium roasted to complement its fine fruity overtones with a hint of a roasty undertone. A lively full bodied cup with a zesty aroma.

10120120-0000VIENNESE BEANS (4X5 LB)


Whole Bean Coffees