The Perfect Cup

  1. Espresso Preparation

    Be a Barista

    1. Preheat cup
    2. Remove portafilter from group head
    3. Wipe clean and dry
    4. Dose basket: 7-9 g single; 14-18 g double; 21 – 27 g triple
    5. Leveling of grounds into dosing chamber
    6. Tamp the ground firmly: 30-50 lbs. / 14-23 kg of pressure
    7. Clean portafilter rim of grounds
    8. Purge group
    9. Insert the portafilter into the group head
    10. Start the pump and brew into preheated cup
    11. Observe the flow 20-30 seconds: 1-1.5 oz. single volume; 25-30 seconds: 2-3.0 oz. double; 30-40 seconds: 3-4.5 oz. triple.
    12. Serve or use to make espresso-based beverage
    13. Remove portafilter, knock out spent grounds and wipe clean
    14. Return portafilter to ground head to keep pre-heated
  2. Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

    The Six Essentials

    1. Three-to-four-minute brew time
    2. Water temperature at 200O F (+/- 5O F)
    3. Level coffee bed
    4. Add proper amount of grind per pot
    5. Clean coffee machine, brew funnels and glass decanters
    6. Proper amount of water
  3. Important Coffee Facts

    1. Do not pre-pour coffee grounds into filters and stack them. Coffee grounds lose their freshness when exposed to the air and will absorb foreign odors. The surrounding odors will destroy a pot of coffee.
    2. Shake the brew filter with coffee grounds before putting in the coffee machine to ensure the bed is level. This will ensure an even coffee brew.
    3. Never allow coffee and brew funnel to sit in the machine before brewing, as drying and staling will occur from the heat and moisture in the tank.
    4. Ensure the undercarriage above the brew funnel is clean, as rancid oils may collect and ruin a perfect pot of coffee.
    5. Coffee machines should be cleaned regularly during the operating day by wiping with a damp cloth.
    6. Coffee should not be brewed using soft water.
    7. Dump grains immediately after completion of the brew.
    8. Never add the remains from an old pot of coffee with a freshly brewed pot. If there is half a cup of coffee left in a pot, dispose of it.
    9. Never serve coffee from a pot in the middle of a brew cycle.
  4. Maintaining Coffee and Equipment

    1. Use a de-liming spring to clean water lines. This will keep a proper brew time.
    2. Ensure the spray head is clean and all six holes have constant water flow to ensure an even spread of water over the bed of coffee. Use a toothpick to clean the holes. (Always keep an extra spray head in the event of loss).